Friday, April 21, 2006

thinking about it

I have no idea how many people ever look at this thing, so this might not be the best place to post, but what the hell....
I'm considering - CONSIDERING - trying to get back into playing music. My last gig was with the Excessories in December of 2002, and I haven't unpacked my gear since. I have truly enjoyed not having any musical responsibilities and just being a homebody. I'm honestly not sure whether I'm ready to change that or not, but its been nagging at me. I may decide not to do anything, so no one should feel slighted if I puss out!
But, if anyone lives in Vegas or knows musicians here, they can contact me at: .
I definitely have specific wants - I want to play with real musicians who will challenge me - I don't want to be the teacher. I want to play lead guitar, but would love another lead instrument - guitar/keys/whatever. I am interested in either late 60's/early 70's hard rock (Purple/Sabbath/ Aerosmith/whatever) - especially if it could parlay into a paying gig - and/or a punk'n'roll in the style of the Hellacopters /Turbonegro /MC5/Stooges/you-know - the usual suspects. High energy and lots of guitars.
I'm no youngster any more - my hair is greying and balding - hell, I could be in the Monks these days! But, I still love wild, agressive music.
So, any ideas, let me know!

Update/Disclaimer - Not that i've gotten any response to this, but just ta let ya know, i've changed my mind again! I can't get up the energy to try to go thru the music biz bs again. I'll just sit at home, watch tv and noodle away during commercials....