Wednesday, May 17, 2006

J. Geils Band - Full House

Long before they became the bad 80's MTV whatever-the-hell-they-became, the J. Geils Band was a fantastic, hi-energy R'n'B/Blues band that drove audiences crazy and had an amazing hit song with "Looking For A Love". This live album came out right around the time of that top forty single and it shows how much Detroit (and the country) loved (rightfully) this band.

Starting out with their version of "First I Look At The Purse" (which many bands, including Nashville Pussy, subsequently covered), they show that they are ready - as much of a cliche as this sounds - to party with their fans!
Singer Peter Wolf - an ex-radio DJ - had an incredible stage persona and banter that can't be beat! The exchanges on this (and their other live records) are worth the price alone!

The hits just keep coming - another superb cover, this time of "Homework" (again, covered by many bands after hearing this), the rocket-fueled blues of "Pack Fair and Square" and "Hard Drivin' Man", the harmonica-driven "Whammer Jammer" (Magic Dick often topped polls in the "miscellaneous instrument" category), the slow blues jam showing off J Geils guitar playing in "Serves You Right To Suffer" that goes right into the double shot of "Cruisin' For a Love" and "Looking For A Love".

The band is at the top of their game all the way through and they show how this music should be played!
I saw them a few years after this (still in the mid-70's) and they were still mind-boggling! They are one of the best live bands that I have ever seen!
Definitely check this out - along with their other early records - if you love your r'n'r mixed with blues!

Just found a cool site for them - check it out here


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