Friday, October 27, 2006

Backbiter - Time Again

Imagine the original Who line-up with Roky Erikson in Roger’s position and Pete taking a few lead guitar lessons, and you have some idea of what Backbiter sounds like! All excellent musicians – Heath & Bob Lee are often compared to Entwistle and Moon, and Jonathan Hall is one of the most respected guitarists on the LA scene. Jonathan can really sing as well AND he writes terrific songs. Kinda pisses me off sometimes, really!

Hard to come up with a comparison for the music, though! There are definitely Who and 13th Floor Elevator comparisons, along with a million other influences, but Backbiter really is unique.

The guitars are loud and overdriven – Jonathan has emulated Townshend by using Gibsons with P90 pickups through a HiWatt amp, among other configurations – though they have no problem quieting down for dynamics’ sake. The songs range from fast punk rock to ballads. There really is no pigeon hole for these guys!

Check out their website for some better descriptions of the band, or just buy the freakin’ CD! It you like well-written, well-played r’n’r, you will love it! “nuff said!


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