Monday, October 23, 2006

Black Moses - Royal Stink

Years after the demise of the much-loved Thee Hypnotics, singer Jim Jones dons a guitar, turns up the volume, and blasts out a Royal Stink with Black Moses!

While not copying his old band, BM definitely is a sonic descendent of that terrific group. Jim, who was the excellent singer and frontman of Thee Hyp, is now singer, frontman and sole guitarist for this new combo – and he is excellent in every aspect! He has learned his lessons well from Hypnotics guitarist Ray – don’t be afraid to turn everything up and shake the sound from your guitar! Great playing, great riffs, great noisy leads – this man knows what he is doing!

Joined by Zac Kusmanov and David Axford on drums, these cats rave out the high-energy while still maintaining the melody!

I can’t say enough about this band – anyone who loves loud, noisy Detroit-styled r’n’r owes it to themselves to search this record out! I had a hard time finding it, but it was worth the search!

Black Moses web site here, My Space page here


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