Friday, December 01, 2006

Boozed - Tight Pants

Boozed – Tight Pants (Bitzcore)

Out of a small town in Germany comes Boozed, a group of surly youngins who look more like they would be smoking pot behind the school than playing high-energy punk’n’roll. But these cats blast out a noise on the level of the great Scandinavian bands, such as the fabulous Hellacopters, who they have opened for in Germany.

Not as lead-guitar-centric as the aforementioned Hellacopters, they none-the-less also pump out a twin guitar barrage of punk mixed with 70’s rock. Some tunes are downright reminiscent of early 70’s Rolling Stones, for chrissake! They’ll even throw in the occasional Hammond organ on one song and the next will be a million-miles-an-hour punkathon.

For a reference that few will recognize, they remind me a lot of the late 80’s Swedish band, the Highway Slugs, whose “Brother in Love” single is still a turntable staple of mine!

Just a damned good r’n’r band who can actually write real songs! Get it if you can find it!

(PS – the title has nothing to do with the Iggy & the Stooges song of the same name from the mid-70’s.)

Check out their website here


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