Friday, August 03, 2007

Turbonegro - ResErection DVD

Turbonegro’s ResErection DVD was found at the same time as the Hellacopters Goodnight Cleveland and it is another great r’n’r film!

This movie tells the story of the band’s breakup in the late 90’s and documents their reunion, which is interesting in that no one really knew what was going to happen or if it would work, yet a (apparently) professional film crew follows the guys around.

The interviews are pretty candid and singer Hanke comes off very nice and sincere, even as some of the other members are kinda dicks at times. Hanke is very frank about his drug abuse causing the end of the band and readily takes the blame for the loss of momentum that this breakup caused at a pivotal period in the group’s history. The rest of the guys seem ready to remind him of this, as well, and seem to put a lot of pressure on him to make the reunion a success. It makes the viewer wonder why they didn’t replace Hanke while he was cleaning up, since a vast number of fans would not have known the difference (especially considering that the only reason that EuroBoy joined on guitar is that PalPot Pamparius was on a long vacation). So, maybe there is a closeness there that does not always come through in the movie.

But fans are treated to seeing Hanke in his home town in the North of Norway, playing sailing tunes on his radio show and giving tours at a Viking boating museum! He flies back to meet the rest of the band and they do appear to genuinely be happy to be reunited. There is footage of their first reunion rehearsal, which sounds amazingly good.

The crew follows the Turbos through their reunion shows, culminating in the Quart Festival. This must have been pretty phenomenal for a band that had basically been playing clubs when they broke up! To return and have thousands of fans literally flying in from all over the world to see you play had to have been an incredible feeling.

Of course, the guys have continued since then and put out several more albums and have been touring the world. This film gives you a view of the band at a particularly vulnerable time in their career and breaks through the façade and the craziness to see that they really were worried about what would happen and really do care.

The bonus footage has the (I believe) entire festival footage, which is pretty fantastic. When these cats are good, they are one of the best r’n’r bands playing these days and they do have a fantastic, HUGE sound!

They’re touring again, so see ‘em if you can!

Check out Turbonegros website here and My Space page here.


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