Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Undertones - The Undertones

One of the second wave of UK punk bands, the Undertones came from Ireland and took England by storm with the eclectic combination of punk, pop and (some) 60’s garage (listen to the cheesy/hip organ sounds). With the incredibly unique and odd voice of Fergal Sharky, the band had an unusual, but great, pop sound! These guys were undoubtedly a huge influence on the punk-pop of the Dickies and their equally bizarre sounding singer, Leonard.

This CD contains their first album – though with a different cover than I have on my album and I don’t know which is the American or English release (oh, per the liner notes, the record was released twice) – along with no less than ten bonus tracks! What a deal!

Basically, if you dig 70’s pop-punk, you will love this record! Simple but clever tunes and arrangements with cool, melodic guitar pieces, solid playing and plenty of youthful enthusiasm from these teenagers! This contains the punk hit (well, in England, anyway), “Teenage Kicks” (which DJ John Peel loved so much that he literally has a quote from the lyrics on his tombstone!) along with such classics as “Male Model” , “Jump Boys”, “Here Comes the Summer”, “Get Over You”, “Jimmy, Jimmy” and plenty more.

The bonus tracks are more of the same and also show their garage roots with their cover of the Chocolate Watchband’s “Let’s Talk About Girls”.

This is a great CD of some of the best poppy-punk from the 70’s! Definitely for the fans of bands like the Buzzcocks and new groups like Green Day who got all their ideas from these cats!