Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Want to Take You Higher - Jeff Kaliss

This book is a nice overview of Sylvester Stewart's career and Sly and the Family Stone's history, right up until Kaliss' most recent interview with Sly in February of 2008.

Jeff moves fairly quickly through Sly's upbringing, musical growth, band inception and the recording path of the group. I think that there could have been a lot more detail throughout, but this is an easy read, giving fans a general outline of the life of this extremely talented man, moving from his days as a producer right through to the current times as a relative recluse who occasionally works with some ex-band members.

It is good to know that despite many f'k-ups in his life, he still has the money to live a good life and still make music when he so desires. Many of his colleagues of the time were far from as fortunate.

I would like to know more of his days as a producer and even of the Family Stone's recordings, but this is a fine summary of his life.