Sunday, May 09, 2010

Lowell Fulson – The Original West Coast Blues

Another legendary blues guitarist of the original burgeoning west coast scene is Lowell Fulson, who started his recording career in the 40’s. This collection contains some of his earliest works dating between 1946 through 1948. A contemporary of other giants such as T-Bone Walker, Fulson works in a similar idiom, a relatively smooth, urban blues with piano backing his fluid guitar lines.

Overall, Fulson’s style is fairly laid-back, mid-tempo blues, but there is variety, such as the boogie-woogie of “I Want to See My Baby” and “Don’t Be So Evil” to the pre-r’n’r of “9:30 Shuffle” and “Trying to Find My Baby”.

Lowell worked with many fine musicians over the years and even gave Ray Charles his start in the business. This compilation shows Fulson’s beginnings (though he had been playing for years prior to his first recordings) and proves why he was an enduring artist whose careers spanned decades and influenced many of the world’s most well-known guitarists.