Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clowns for Progress

I happened upon these cats one time in Hollywood in the early 90's and they put on a great show (besides rockin' mightly, they wore clown makeup on their faces, white suits and ruffled shirts - quite stylish) so I picked up their CD when I found it.

They do highly melodic punk rock'n'roll well before that became passe and annoying. Their singer, Deano, has a distinctive and terrific voice and they could write some real songs, too. Apparently, they released a couple more CDs besides this one, though this is all I've heard, but it's a goodie!

I never saw or heard from them again after the one encounter, but they were mainstays in NYC for most of the 90's and remain a fine example of the genre.

Be sure to stick around for the last, hidden track - it's a killer!