Thursday, November 11, 2010

Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys / Blowin'

Being a monumental Jimi Hendrix Experience fan, I have always been curious about Noel Redding's solo career. I have yet to hear his band, Fat Mattress, which existed simultaneously with the Experience (with Noel on guitar), but I found a great deal on this double album CD on Amazon, so gave it a try.

It is easy to see why Hendrix fans never really warmed up with Redding's output, since the styles are vastly different. Again, I can't speak for the sound of Fat Mattress, but these records are much more of a basic 70's semi-soft pop-rock sound. Some of this reminds me of groups like the Raspberries or Artful Dodger, but without as strong of songs. Some of the work on Blowin' is more creative, but still, the songwriting never seems to step up to above average.

Not to say that this is bad - it's not - it's just not a surprise that this did not click with a major audience - it just misses the mark. It is good and listenable, just not spectacular.