Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Psyatics & Beau & the Outfit @ The Bunkhouse, Las Vegas, Friday April 13

The Psyatics are a swingin', brand-spankin' new LV garage combo made up of Rob Bell on bass & voice, Jimmy Krah on drums (both formerly of the Yeller Bellies, a rockabilly group, though Rob played mandolin!) and guitar wiz Jack Ball. This was their debut gig and while they had a few timing issues to work out and they were way too loud for this venue, their songs and musicianship shown through. Absolutely kick-ass from start to finish and definitely destined to become a Las Vegas legend! Check out their Facebook page for song samples and upcoming gigs.

Beau & the Outfit followed with a unique mix of swampy southern rock, country and blues not unlike a hipper, more underground Black Crowes or Allman Brothers or something of the ilk. More fine musicianship and excellent vocals and harmonies and real song-writing. Another new(ish) outfit in the neighborhood that should be seen! Again, more information via their Facebook page.