Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fuzz SoLow, the Psyatics, Urban Disposal - Motor City Cafe April 26, 2013

Another great free show at Motor City that few people took advantage of. I know that the local media ignores the music scene in town, but I hope that the people here in Vegas will wake up and discover the talent that lies within and the cool places to hang that exist here.

Opening this night was one-man-band Fuzz SoLow (get it?), Mr. James "Fuzz" Berg on guitar and bass drum, hi-hat and suitcase! Generally blues-based, he started and ended the set with a version of Howlin' Wolf's "Built For Comfort", ran through some cool originals, took on Hendrix's "Manic Depression" (He told me he was named after Jimi), played a home-made 3-string slide cigar-box guitar and, with the help of delay boxes, created a "rap" that gave out his phone number to the ladies! Highly entertaining - he plays pretty much anywhere that he is allowed so make sure you see him!

Our pals the Psyatics were up next and plowed through their usual strong set of avant/garage ramblin's and yelpin's. Definitely one of our fave bands in town and one of the most unique, guided by bassist/singer Rob Bell's lyrical visions, aided by Jack Ball's finely dissonant guitar lines, and powered by Jimmy Krah's polyrhythms, they turn garage rock inside out, add some post-punk and create the Psyatic sound. Their debut CD will be offered at their May 11th Double Down Saloon record release show, so be there!

Urban Disposal is a heavy, semi-hard-core punk band with bassist Santo Kevin, who I knew "back in the day" as the guitarist for LA's wackily fun Electric Ferrets. This is a bit more "serious", though they did throw in a cool Misfits cover. Not what I normally listen to these days, but strong musicians and a tough set.

I know this gets said a million times, but get out there and support the cool acts that Vegas has to offer and the fab and fun Motor City - one of the more comfortable places to see a band.

 (Psyatics and Urban Disposal pix by Melanie Coffee)