Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Link Wray & the Wrayman - Slinky - the Epic Sessions '58-'61

While there are many, many Link Wray compilations out there, this is one that should be a given - it compiles all of his Epic Records output and adds 16 unreleased (demos and alternative takes) tunes. Link is joined by brothers Doug on drums and Vernon on rhythm guitar/piano, along with Shorty Horton on bass to give us the classic line up of the Wraymen.

It's Link - you know what you're getting - raw, distorted guitar, primitively effective backing and tons of energy and passion! This has plenty of his best-known instrumental work combined with some terrific vocals by Wray, who lost a lung to tuberculosis so didn't sing much, though he had a cool, r'n'r voice.

What else can I say? This is 46 tracks of Link at his best, and you even get a groovy, informative booklet in the package. Sundazed does it again!