Thursday, May 30, 2013

recommended gigs

Saturday June 1 - The Swamp Gospel at the Double Down

Sunday June 2 - Crazy Chief at Triple B with Arsenal

Friday June 7 - Tiger Sex at the Double Down with Dirty Panties, Quitters, Seriouslys

Friday June 14 - The Lucky Cheats, Black Jetts, Dirty Hooks, Tiger Sex - Double Down

Tuesday June 18 - The Swamp Gospel, Fuzz Solow and Voodoo Organist at Favorites

Wednesday June 19 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down

Friday June 21 - Tiger Sex at Artifice (David Bowie vs Stooges night - TS doing Stooges)

Wednesday June 26 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down
Wednesday June 26 - The Psyatics at the Las Vegas Country Saloon

Thursday June 27 - Thee Swank Bastards at Artifice

Friday June 28 - The Psyatics at the Double Down

Friday July 12 - The Psyatics with Missing Persons at the LV Country Saloon

Wednesday July 24 - Thee Swank Bastards - Double Down Saloon

Wednesday July 31 - Bob Log III, Black Jetts, Fuzz Solow - Dive Bar

Friday, August 2 - the Psyatics at the Dive Bar

What have I forgotten? Lemme know!

I'll add more as I hear about them! Friends - lemme know and I'll list gigs here, for what it's worth!