Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Psyatics Record Release show with the Bitters, Tinglerz, and Fuzz Solow

Obviously, I have ranted'n'raved about the Psyatics many times along with their great new CD so I had to make it out to the Double Down for their record release show, especially considering the quality of talent they included on this night.

I had never heard or seen the Bitters before this night, but they were described as an instrumental cross between Frank Zappa and Rush and upon seeing them, that seemed pretty accurate. Three highly talented musicians demonstrating their riffage throughout the set. For me, without vocals and melodies, it gets a little samey, but the crowd dug their energy and enthusiasm.

Up next was one of my fave Vegas bands, the Tinglerz, who put in one of their best sets yet! Some new tunes, tons of energy, great presence and just plain fun! I love Kei's anarchistic but still clever guitar lines, Eric's driving bass, Turbo's pounding drums, their Johnny Thunders-meets-garage sounds, their varied rhythms and their obvious love for rock'n'roll! They are a great punk band, but in the mold of the super punk'n'roll groups (from the old-school Detroit groups to more modern bands like the Hellacopters) - far from the boring, one-trick-pony hard core bands. See them!

The Psyatics blasted through a good portion of the new CD, Oderint dum Metuant, along with a few new tunes and covers and knocked out the audience, who grabbed up a number of their budget-priced CDs - $5.00 a copy - are ya kidding me?! Get it! I've gone on at length about these cats, so you know that I'm gonna say that you should see 'em any chance you can and you need this record!

Closing out the night was the wacky, one-man-blues-band, Fuzz Solow, doing his Howlin' Wolf/Jimi Hendrix meets White Stripes primitive power-blues. The Double Down is known for its late night crowd and more people suddenly appeared as Fuzz went on and he got people up dancing, girls were fighting to buy him drinks and good times were flowing!

Thanks to the Psyatics and the Double down for putting together a wonderful night of amazing Vegas rock'n'roll!

(And yes, I do need to start bringing a better camera than just my cell phone - sorry for the dark photos!)