Friday, June 14, 2013

Goin' Mad Blues - 10 CD Set

This is a pretty damn phenomenal compilation at a discount price (listing at $19.99) - 10 CDs chock full of amazing, early blues - 200 songs! If you are a blues fan you will undoubtedly have some of the material, but as a set, this is a highly enjoyable listen and I'm pretty certain you will hear numbers you never have before!

Some giants are on here - Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker, Bessie Smith, Big Joe Turner, Mississippi Shieks, Lightnin' Hopkins, Leadbelly, and tons more - as well as some lesser-known, but equally great talents. This is early stuff, so don't expect more modern, electric blues or blues/rock, but for those who love the down-home, country-blues and the fledgling urban blues, you can't go wrong with this one!

Just FYI - this is a bare-bones comp - no booklet and no info on the artists, but damn, what music! There are others in the series that are equally rockin' deals, so search 'em out - fun stuff!