Thursday, June 20, 2013

Knights of Fuzz DVD

Timothy Gassen, of Tucson 60's-psych-styled band the Marshmallow Overcoat and head of Purple Cactus Productions, has compiled this DVD of video performances from a number of 80's garage bands as a addendum of sorts to his book, also called Knights of Fuzz. The DVD starts with a brief introduction to the scene and then gives us live and lip-sync videos of many of the bigger bands from the 80's through the '00's.

Obvious major bands like the Chesterfield Kings, Fuzztones, Miracle Workers, Cynics, Girl Trouble, Yard Trauma, etc., are side by side with others such as the Gruesomes, 10 Commandments, Untamed Youth, Plasticland, Woggles, and more, as well as Tim's own group. A band that I was completely unfamiliar with - the funnily-named Les Breatfeeders - were a pleasant, rockin' surprise and something that I need to look into more. Of course, everyone will think of someone who should have been included, and there are obvious omissions, like the Unclaimed and Thee Fourgiven (hah!), but some are probably due to lack of available footage.

There are a few bonus tracks and then, for DVD-Rom computer drives, there is an electronic version of the Knights of Fuzz book, along with articles, photos and a 26-song audio compilation! Seems pretty damn essential for any lover of garage rock'n'rolL!