Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jinxemgood / The All-Togethers - the Dillinger, Boulder City 7-27-13

We've been meaning to check out the Dillinger for a while, though seeing as it is about as far away from us as possible while still being vaguely in the LV area, it took some doing. But, after seeing the All-Togethers last weekend, we decided to make the trek to Boulder City for this early show. Arriving at about 8:00pm the bar was packed with patrons, though most seemed to be there for food and drinks, not for the entertainment. The Dillinger was probably the only place that was open in this quiet burg so that might account for the crowd.

In any case, Jonathan Jinxemgood opened the night as a solo performer doing what he calls "Super Folk", his original folk-based tunes accompanied by his flashy acoustic guitar playing. His guitar style is fairly unique in that he tends to play an almost slap-bass style with his thumbs while picking out the chords and melodies with his fingers. A couple of people made comparisons to Dave Matthews, though I am completely unfamiliar with him, so I couldn't say. But, Jonathan was upbeat and fun and worked with different tunings to keep the songs interesting.

The All-Togethers continue to entertain in their prohibition-styled manner, though they threw in a number of covers this night, from "16 Tons", "Man of Constant Sorrow" (the Stanley Brothers version that was used as the basis for the one in O Brother Where Art Thou), and the encore of "Folsom Prison Blues", to more modern songs like a Lady Gaga tune that I don't know, "99 Problems" (that I only know because there are a number of internet memes based on the lyrics) and Radiohead's "I'm a Creep" with a guest singer/guitarist. For me, the originals are what captivates, but I'm sure a lot of the audience appreciated some more familiar tunes.

Fun night in the outskirts of town and even with the distance, we were home close to midnight! Our kind of night!