Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Supersnazz - I Wanna Be Your Love

Supersnazz was a super-cute, all-female Japanese punk rock/garage band from the early 90's who had the
good taste to name themselves after a Flamin' Groovies record. Coming along at about the same time as groups such as Teengenerate, they mined some of the same territory but had the added plus of being Japanese girls!

But, regardless of the novelty, they were a fun, hard-rockin' band that blasted through 60's garage covers as well as punky/poppy tunes of their own, such as the title cut here, full of wild energy and lots of vocals/screaming/cheering/etc. The other songs on this CD-EP include two Sonics covers - "Boss Hoss" and "The Witch", performed with maximum fuzz, their minimalistic take on the Groovies' "Teenage Head" and a crazed "Papa Oom Mow Mow".

Don't buy unless you're willing to rock out with a huge smile on your face! These chicks were a pure rockin' good time!