Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Quitters, the Psyatics, Burning Monk - The Dive Bar 8-10-13

I hadn't seen the Psyatics for a while, so was looking forward to this gig at one of my new favorite (no pun intended) spots in town.

Local punk rock act the Quitters opened the night and seeing as there were only three bands, they started at the Double Down opening time of 11:00 instead of the scheduled 10:00, but that wasn't unreasonable. Unfortunately for me, they just weren't my cup of tea - fairly generic punk rock, though I dug the fact that all four of them (2 guitar, bass & drums) sang, which added a refreshing dimension, and the drummer was quite good.

The Psyatics came up next and anyone who has ever read this blog knows that they are one of my fave local bands and I try to catch them whenever I can. The guys are all great musicians, they have terrific, original songs and are damn nice cats, too! They play Vegas fairly regularly and are starting to travel a bit, so make sure you see them if you have a chance and buy their extremely reasonably priced - and terrific - CD!

Touring band Burning Monk were a thrash metal band - again, not a genre that I care for at all, so they didn't do much for me, although they were good musicians and the bassist and guitarist alternated singing, giving it some interest. They were so loud that they set off a car alarm in the parking lot, which should count for something!

A slow night at a great local bar, even though there wasn't much going on in Vegas that night.

(Sorry, my camera was taking crap pix for some reason).