Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kiss Mini Golf, Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Kiss Mini Golf opened a year or so ago but we hadn't had a chance to make it out to until last night. It's at 4503 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169, on the corner of Paradise and Harmon and it's open from 10:00 am until Midnight.

Appropriately, as soon as you walk in you are bombarded with Kiss music, Kiss memorabilia everywhere (lots of toys and such but some items that at least claim to be actual artifacts), a huge merchandise store (naturally!), extremely perky employees and lots of video and carnival-type games that you can play without paying for the golf itself. There are coupons online and locals get a discount anyway but the coupon can be used in conjunction with the locals discount. There is a wedding chapel (the first pic - this is Vegas, after all!) and a small room for private events along with the indoor golf. You play under black light and the course all glows and/or lights up. The props range from pretty cool to downright cheesy - the 2nd pic is "Gene" from an animatronic display of the band that moves if your ball goes into the right hole under the "stage", and this group is in the latter category.

So, visually, this is fun for fans and there is a lot of cheesy artwork on the walls of local celebrities in various stages of Kiss make-up, guitars, boots, or just "rockin' out". Unfortunately, the mini-golf itself was kinda disappointing. Almost no moving parts on any of the holes - the one exception is a guitar pendulum in the box flanked with boots pictured below - so you basically just need to hit the ball so that it goes around the display pieces. Maybe this is to make it easier for visitors who are most likely to be inebriated when playing? On the last "tee" you shoot the ball up "Gene's" tongue and if it goes in just right, you get rewarded with a cloud of stage fog!

This is a good time, but it certainly could have been a much better mini-golf experience with just a little more money invested.. Regardless, I'm sure that they will do well - there were hotel limos pulling in and out the entire time that we were there on a Wednesday night. Pull the discount tickets from online and check it out!