Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Hellacopters - Cream of the Crap Volume 1

OK, I promise to stop talking about the Hellacopters (for a while, at least) after this one. I was just surprised to discover how many of their releases I never mentioned, despite them being such a prized group!

This is the first collection of rarities, compilation cuts, B-sides, split-singles and general "odds and sods" that the band released. Once the 'Copters started getting popular, their early outings, such as their first single, recorded in their practice room and pressed on blue vinyl (the songs appear here), were commanding such high prices (that, of course, the boys never saw a dime of) that few could afford to hear them. Being music lovers themselves, Nicke and the rest decided to rectify the issue with this CD.

This volume has that aforementioned first single ("Killing Allan", "Ferrytale" and Social Distortion cover "The Creeps") along with many others, from "Down Right Blue" and "Thanks For Nothing" with Scott Morgan and Daniel Rey to "Crimson Ballroom" with Turbonegro's Euroboy to their fantastic cover of "Gimme Shelter" with Peter Carlsson on harmonica to a wild take on Iggy's "I Got a Right" and much, much more.

Everything is pure, unadulterated, high-energy punk'n'roll at its best so you know you need it!