Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Lucky Cheats/The Delta Bombers - The Griffin 9-4-13

It takes a lot to get me out on a weeknight, but a show like this would do it! Wednesdays are tough, but the Griffin manages to accomplish a good gig night with a comfortable back room with a decent PA and a nice space for the bands to play. I don't understand why they don't man the bar that is in the room and I wish there were some lights on the band (hence the reason why my photos are so dark), but still a good spot to party with a group in an intimate setting. And they have a happy hour right before the show starts!

The Cheats opened this night and anyone who has ever read this blog knows that they are one of my favorites bands in town these days. All terrific players, damn nice guys and damn great songs - originals and choices of covers! I think everyone partook in the happy hour before the set so they were appropriately alcohol-fueled, but this does not diminish their playing in the least - in fact, they were firing on all cylinders this night! The small room was packed with a rowdy bunch, drinkin' and shoutin' and dirty dancin'! Couple of rockin' new tunes were debuted, as well. Super fun!

After a quick change-over, the Delta Bombers appeared and the room got even more packed! Led by the powerful singer/acoustic guitarist Chris Moinichen, these cats ran through their blues-inspired rockabilly and the crowd loved every minute of it! Cool covers of "Smokestack Lighting" and "Run Through the Jungle" and there were a couple of Tom Waits-ian moments as Chris sang and played harmonica through a megaphone while moving through the audience. He knows how to work the crowd, who were all dancin' and boppin' and yellin' and drinkin'! The guys behind him were loosely swingin' and sounded on top of their game this evening. An encore was demanded and everyone went home sweaty and satiated!

A great night for downtown Las Vegas - hope we get more shows like this one!