Sunday, September 01, 2013

Trevor and the Jones - the Beauty Bar 8-31-13

The Beauty Bar is not my usual stomping grounds due to the fact that it caters to a younger, DJ-driven crowd, rather than a r'n'r crowd, and when they do host live music, the DJ's still receive more respect than the bands. When bands play indoors (as they had to this night due to Vegas' monsoon season), the sound is usually far too loud and muddy - and the DJ's are even louder in between bands, so you get no respite - and when bands play outside, you are at the mercy of the elements. So, not conducive to a great r'n'r experience, though occasionally there are good shows.

This was my first time seeing Trevor and the Jones and I don't think that they felt they were at their best as they kept sparring with the sound man who kept asking them to turn down and they kept asking for monitors. Since they were playing first, the crowd was just drifting in and were not yet very receptive to TJ's psychedelic sounds.

I felt that they started fairly slowly myself, but about half way through the set, something clicked and it all came together in a mix of garage and psychedelia and pop. While not very interesting visually (again, maybe this is my age, but I think they could benefit from a little more style), the 3 guitar line-up (often with two 12 string guitars - shades of late-70's Flamin' Groovies!) blended together with the use of effects and various leads and riffs. I didn't catch anyone's names, but the main lead guitarist was also the main lead singer (though vocals and leads were shared) and was quite good at both. Towards the end of the set, apparently due to frustration with the club and the audience, this gent just dropped his arms to his side and stared into the audience as the other guitars took leads - a nice, psychotic Syd Barrett move.

Definitely want to catch these cats in a more responsive setting (though I have to admit that the light show that the club used this evening was fitting) - they have been getting good response in town so I'm sure they will be doing a lot more soon. Check 'em out!