Friday, October 04, 2013

The Lazy Cowgirls - Third Time's the Charm - Again

This CD is a compilation of tracks taken from a Grown Up Wrong 12" EP, a Sub-Pop 7" and live tracks taken from KCSB and KCPR radio. So, real fans may have some of the tunes, but unlikely that you would already have everything.

The studio cuts are from the mid-80's, about the same time as the Radio Cowgirl record, which is why this has some of the same tunes (in "studio" form) - "Losin' Your Mind", "Meat Shop" - as well as "Dye'n'Red", "A Lot to Learn", and the Pagans' ode to Larry Flint, "Reborn". The Sub Pop record included "Loretta" and "Hybrid Moments", while the KCSB tracks are "Rock of Gibraltar", and "Jungle Song" and the tracks from KCPR are "Anymore", "What Are You Talkin''bout Baby?", and "Tearful Pillows", all from their debut, as well as "Justine" and "Bullshit Summer Song".

Again, it's the Cowgirls - if you don't already know and love them, then you should, and either way you should grab up whatever you can by them!