Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tiger Sex / the Rosalyns - The Dive Bar Oct 11, 2013

Anyone who knows me or who has ever read this blog knows that I am a huge fan of local band Tiger Sex and their wild guitarist Kei (formerly of the Tinglerz, another local fave). Kei and his wife Kelly have teamed up and created this punk'n'roll combo that is tearing it up all over Vegas and the west coast.
Joined by powerhouse drummer Chris, they now have a new bassist (didn't catch his name and I don't see it on their FB page - get on that guys!) who isn't quite as maniacally active as their previous 4-string mangler, Brian, but he holds down the fort with Chris so that Kei and Kelly can go crazy! She's not afraid to get down'n'dirty - literally, in this case, as the floor was still a mess from last week's Mapes show! She opened the show in a rather conservative (but cool) suit and literally tore most of it off by the end of the set!

They have several new songs since the last time I saw them and some cool covers, such as the Stooges "TV Eye" and Johnny O'Keefe's "Wild One", by way of Iggy & Joan Jett. As with the best in punk'n'roll, they're not one-dimensional and mix us speeds, rhythms and guitar tones throughout the set, giving us variety while never sacrificing power.

Lovers of Detroit r'n'r, Johnny Thunders and groups like the Hellacopters need to check out these cats and kitten! You won't regret it!

Las Vegas got a special treat with one of the 4 shows that all-female garage combo the Rosalyns are playing on this current mini-tour. After knocking 'em dead at the Ugly Things anniversary show over Memorial Weekend, the ladies had so much fun that they needed to do it again! A virtual super-group of garage rock, the Rosalyns are made up of Anja Stax (currently of the Loons, formerly of the Diaboliks and Thee Cherylinas) on bass and vocals, Diane Death (of Chinese Rocks, a Thunders tribute, as well as El Vez and other bands too numerous to list) on guitar and vocals, Amy Gore (Gore Gore Girls and  Amy Gore and her Valentines) on guitar and vocals, Birdy Bardot (guitar in the New Kinetics) on organ, harp, percussion and vocals), and Lety Beers (the Schizophonics and El Vez) on drums.

These five lovely lasses wear matching pink mini-dresses - shades of the Pleasure Seekers, whose "What a Way to Die" was their opener this night! The set was all covers - but what covers! - and the band are all super players. I didn't catch all of the tunes, but they did the Yardbirds "Putty in Your Hands", Cindy and Bert's "Der Hund Von Baskerville" (a German version of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid") with Anja singing (since that where she hails), Fleur de Lys' "Hold On", the Shangri-Las' "Great Big Kiss", Bo's "Diddley Daddy", a spot on "48 Crash" with Amy sounding exactly like Suzi Quatro, and ending the set with their namesake, "Rosalyn" (Pretty Things) before encoring with the Belles' "Melvin" - the female take on "Gloria".

It was so great to hear all this super-cool music, done by real professionals, who were obviously having a great time. All four front women sang leads and harmonies - when they all came up to the mics together it sounded fabulous! - and Amy and Diane did some cool dual leads, as well as trading off on solos. Anja and Lety are a great rhythm section and Birdy's multiple instruments added the icing to the r'n'r cake!

As of right now they are only doing two more shows - tonight in San Diego and tomorrow in LA, but hopefully we will be seeing and hearing more from these rockin' chicks!