Thursday, November 21, 2013

Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920's: 2014 Calendar (+ CD)

I found this calendar last year for the first time and loved it, so had to pick up the new edition! This LP-sized
calendar has tons of fantastic photos, ads and artwork of blues artists and records from the 1920's, as well as giving you the birth and death anniversaries of people involved. The CD is a 24 song collection of some fabulous tracks from the same time period. There are some giants of the genre - Furry Lewis, Charley Patton, Mississippi Sheiks, Blind Lemon Jefferson, etc., as well as many that are much less acclaimed and with tracks that are extremely rare - Tenderfoot Edwards, Blind Percy and Jim Thompkins. Because of the rarity of some of the tunes, the quality can be a bit iffy - some are downright noisy - but all are pretty amazing. As I expand my personal blues collection I find that I have some of the songs on these compilations, but there are always lots of pleasant surprises that makes me search out more by the artists.

I'm sure I will be picking this up every year for as long as they produce it!