Saturday, January 11, 2014

The All Togethers - Wicked Vicky Tavern @ the Riviera Friday Jan 10, 2014

I've been a fan of the All Togethers since first seeing them last summer, but don't get a chance to get to their shows as often as I might like - maybe because they play so much and in so many odd places that it's hard to pick one gig to go to! They've made some changes since then, with percussionist Brian leaving and the addition of guitarist Michael. With Michael handling the guitar chores, lead singer Ken now concentrates on mandolin and banjo, while the lovely Cindy holds it all together (so to speak) with her swingin' stand-up bass lines and harmony vocals.

The Wicked Vicky Tavern is certainly not a place that I would normally head out to - a small sports bar in a casino, but the Riviera does have a long history in Vegas, making it an interesting property and the Tavern does have a real stage (in a brick, dome-like shape) and PA, although the sound off to the side was a little muddy - maybe we should have sat right in front.

In any case, the AT's put on their usual fun set, with lots of crowd interaction, dialogues and even taking requests. Along with songs from their excellent CD, they covered tunes from artists as diverse as Jay Zee (or however he spells that), Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash ("Folsom Prison Blues", which probably brought out the best response of the night), the Stanley Brothers ("Man of Constant Sorrow"), the Who (doing "Baba O'Reilly" that worked better on banjo than it has any right to!) and Porgy and Bess ("Summertime").

Always a good time and always well worth seeing, check them out whenever you can! Damn nice people too and they even gave a shout out to the Swamp Gospel!