Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Love Me Nots - UpsideDownInsideOut

The Love Me Nots are definitely my favorite current garage band and I have ranted'n'raved about them a number of times on this blog. On this, their third studio album (I believe, anyway), they maintain their raunchy garage-y roots, led by Nicole Laurenne's Farfisa organ and amazing vocals which range from rough'n'snotty to sultry'n'seductive and everything in between! Michael Johnny Walker provides the power chords and fuzz-drenched riffs and on this record the rhythm section consists of token blond bassist Kyle Rose Stokes and drum basher Vince Ramirez giving the tunes plenty of drive.

It's hard to say more than I already have about this fantastic outfit so if you dig well-written, female-led garage rock'n'roll, played with passion and talent, then you should pick up any and all of their releases! Bonus points for the ultra-swingin' Saul Bass-like black, white and red cover artwork!