Thursday, February 06, 2014

Good Ol' Freda - documentary

This documentary tells the story of Freda Kelly, who was a shy, somewhat homely Liverpudlian teenage secretary when she first came upon the Beatles at the Cavern Club, and was instantly hooked. She became a fan, a friend, the head of their local fan club and, once Brian Epstein became the group's manager, she was hired to be their secretary and remained so until the band broke up 11 years later.

Kelly decided to tell the story after the death of her son, with whom she never shared the details of her life. With the birth of her grandson, she wanted him, and the world, to know about her participation in the world's most famous rock'n'roll band.

Included is some all-too-fleeeting video footage of the Beatles at the Cavern, but lots and lots of photos - many with Freda. She was interviewed a number of times, as well, so there are TV and radio appearances documented as well as newspaper articles. Of course, Freda is interviewed extensively for this doc and comes off as very sweet and personable and still a fan.

This movie is currently available on Netflix as well as DVD/BluRay - so if you're a fan of the Beatles or just the 60's music scene in general, you should see this!