Thursday, February 06, 2014

recommended gigs

Thursday Feb 6 - Jinxy Bear and the All Togethers at Banger Brewing
Thursday Feb 6 - The Unwieldies at Velveteen Rabbit

Friday Feb 7 - the Swamp Gospel returns to the Double Down with the Psyatics,  Izzy Cox and Jared Lord

Saturday Feb 8 - Bogtrotters Union - Double Down
Saturday Feb 8 - The Unwieldies at the Dillinger
Saturday Feb 8 - The All Togethers at the Pioneer Saloon
Saturday Feb 8 - Beau Hodges Band - Goldmine Tavern
Saturday Feb 8 - the Moanin' Blacksnakes at the Association

Sunday Feb 9 - Astaires at LVCS w/the Toasters

Tuesday Feb 11 - Can of Beans, Plurales, Fuzz Solow - Hell Pop Comix

Friday Feb 14 - The All Togethers at the Dillinger
Friday Feb 14 - The Voodoo Organist at the Dive Bar
Friday Feb 14 - Killian's Angels at Brendans

Saturday Feb 15 - The Psyatics with Fuck Shit Piss and Big Like Texas at the Hard Rock

Tues Feb 18 - The Super Zeros at Saddles'n'Spurs

Wed Feb 19 Jinxy Bear at the Cellar

Thursday Feb 20 - The All Togethers at the Gold Spike

Friday Feb 21 - the Seriouslys at the Double Down

Saturday Feb 22 - The Swamp Gospel with Tarah Grace and the All Togethers at the Hard Hat Lounge

Saturday Mar 1 - The Astaires, the Sonic Archers and Trevor & the Jones w/John Fallon at the Hard Hat

Thursday Mar 6 - The Unwieldies at the Dive Bar

Wednesday Mar 12 - The Lucky Cheats and the Royal Hounds at the Griffin

Friday Mar 14 - Delta Bombers - Gold Mine Tavern, Henderson

Saturday Mar 15 - Bogtrotters Union - Water St St Paddy's Day Parade

Sunday Mar 16 - Bogtrotters Union - Water St St Paddy's Day Parade

Monday Mar 17 - Bogtrotters Union - McMullan's Irish Pub

Friday Mar 21 - The All Togethers and Goodnight Texas at the Dillinger

Saturday Mar 22 - the Psyatics and Voodoo Glow Skulls at the Dive Bar

Friday Mar 28 - the Delta Bombers w/Bob Wayne - the Dive Bar

Saturday Mar 29 - the Swamp Gospel at the Double Down

Tues April 1 - Bogtrotters Union - HellPop Comics

Tues April 8 - the Swamp Gospel with Cheetah Chrome and the Street Walkin' Cheetahs - the Dive Bar

Saturday April 26 - The Psyatics at the Double Down
Saturday April 26 - the Astairs at Triple Bs with David Haskins from Bauhaus

What have I forgotten? Lemme know! Is everyone slowing down for the holidays? Haven't heard about many cool gigs for a while.


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