Friday, March 07, 2014

DMZ - The First Time

This 10" EP is another compilation of rare oddities released by Voxx - who also released most of these songs in other versions previously - something that this label was known for. Gotta love 'em -
they gave us tons of music that we would never have heard otherwise, but they were certainly not afraid to repackage in order to make more money.

In any case, more great, primitive rockers here, from the opening cover of the Flamin' Grrovies "Coming After Me" to the "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (not even pretending to re-write this) goof "Bloody Englishmen" (a rant on British punk rock) to the fantastic, drum-fueled title track, that shows off just what an amazingly tight rhythm section this band had. Obviously, a rehearsal take - or live on the radio - is the Chuck Berry-influenced theme song for radio DJ and scene-maker, Oedipus.

Their righteous love for the Pretty Things returns with their punky take on "Rosalyn" and "Might He ID" is a funny way to write the title of this early version of "Might Idy" - maybe to make sure that Sire didn't give them any grief? But they have no qualms about another cut of the Troggs' "From Home" before going into their revved-up Chocolate Watchband homage "Are You Gonna Be There". This all-too-short EP ends with a slightly out-of-tune, minor chord, moody masterpiece "Pretty Girl".

Again, I have to say, start with the Sire album, but when you find yourself wanting more - and you will - these trashy releases are pretty damn terrific!