Monday, March 10, 2014

DMZ - Live at Barnaby's - 1978

This 1986 Crypt Records release features what appears to be an entire live set by the great DMZ at the height of their power. The sound is good but not great, with the guitars mixed down quieter than I would prefer, but the propulsive drums (dig that drivin' kick!) are prominent and you can hear everything - just not in the proper proportions.

There's a large number of covers in the set, though that's hardly a bad thing, with a preponderance of great garage songs like "Cinderella", "He's Waiting", the Kinks' "Come On Now", "Nobody But Me", "Out of Our Tree", "From Home" and the now-inevitable "You're Gonna Miss Me" (that was unusual to hear anyone do at the time). Plenty of groovy, high-energy originals, as well, like "Watch For Me Girl", "Don't Jump Me Mother", "When I Get Off", "Destroyer", "Mighty Idy", etc. and even a nod to main man Iggy with a rollickin' "Raw Power". As I said, the sound could be a little more dynamic, but you can tell that this was a heckuva performance and these cats woulda been something to see in the day.

As I've said before, for starters I would get the great Sire self-titled album, but when you decide to delve further, this is another goodie!