Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Time Crashers - Bootleg From the Future

Las Vegas' own time-traveling punk rock band, the Time Crashers, have yet to release their debut album, but they have traveled into the future, where it has been released, and returned with 6 tracks that they are now offering at their present shows in this Bootleg From the Future CD.

The music is fast-paced punk rock with some wild guitar riffs and incredibly silly/smart lyrics (think Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - which they quote). Songs refer to drinkin' beer with Genghis Kahn ("Conquering the Keg"), delivering pizza to the Vikings ("Pizza Berserker" - you can't go wrong with a spelling song!), dystopia (the funky, swingin' dance number "Dystopia Swing"), the destruction of Pompei ("Party Pompei"), the self-explanatory hard-core "Fuck the Time Cops" and the ska-ish ode to H.G. Wells, "Morlock'n'Roll".

The live show is a blast and this is a cool momento and some fun and goofy punk rock. Check 'em out!