Sunday, December 21, 2014

The All Togethers, Gentlemen of Four Outs, the Swamp Gospel at the Double Down Saloon - Dec 20, 2014

 (Swamp Gospel pix by Ron Hudy)

(Gentlemen of Four Outs pix by Denise Heximer)

OK, truthfully, I had a few too many drinks this evening to give a detailed accounting of any of the happenings, but suffice to say that the Swamp Gospel had a fantastic time opening the night to a great, enthusiastic crowd who willingly found salvation. I also played with the Gentlemen of Four Outs for our debut at the Double Down and we were appropriately sloppy drunk - at least I was - and garnered new fans, as well. The All Togethers are always a fun time and this evening they sounded exceptional - superior mix of instruments and all four voices and everyone looked snappy as ever - and I can't imagine that you'll find a cuter cello/stand-up bass duo in the state!

Thank you to the Double Down for being one of the most enjoyable places to play in town and for having an phenomenal staff.

Happy holidays to all!