Thursday, April 09, 2015

recommended gigs

Thursday April 9 - Bob Wayne, Fuzz Solow, All Togethers and the Bourbon Brothers at the Dive Bar
Thursday April 9 - the Psyatics, Heavy Glow, Cosmic Beasts, Core - the Beauty Bar

Friday April 10 - the Mapes, the Maxies and Alan Six - Atomic Liquors
Friday April 10 - Bob Wayne, Duane Mark, Whiskey Breath, All Togethers - Dive Bar

Saturday April 11 - Haunted Garage, the Time Crashers, Tartar Control, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Alexander the Terrible, Child Endangerment, Caliban and the Witch, Plague Doctor, the Rifleman and Firewater Folklore at OMD

Friday April 17 - the All Togethers at Artifice
Friday April 17 - 3d6, Lambs to Lions, SFT, Unit F, Horroripilation - Adrenaline

Saturday April 18 - the Unwieldies at Dillinger

Friday April 24 - Spotted Dick and the Wlyde Knights, TWAT, Gashers, Sounds of Threat - Double Down

Saturday April 25 - the Swamp Gospel at the Double Down with Thee Fourgiven and the Psyatics
Saturday April 25 - the All Togethers at the Mormon Fort - 6:00pm

Friday May 1 - the return of the Holy Smokes at the Double Down with the Astaires, Ditch Diggers, Psyatics

Saturday May 2 - 3d6, Water Landing, Forget Me Nows, Another Castle - Adrenaline

Wednesday May 13 - Shanda and the Howlers with the Royal Hounds at the Griffin

Friday May 22 - the Humpers and the Hangmen at the Beauty Bar

Sunday May 31 - the Astaires with Sharks From Mars at the Double Down

Wednesday June 3 - Dick Dale at the Hard Rock on the Strip

What have I forgotten? Lemme know!