Monday, July 11, 2016

Maddox Brothers and Rose - America's Most Colorful Hillbilly Band

Hailing from Alabama, the Maddox family hitch-hiked and road the rails to get to California in the hopes of a better life during the Depression. Fred Maddox, declaring that he "couldn't stand to work", used his sales skills to market the family as a musical entity - and succeeded wildly! Armed with a terrific selection of tunes (covering greats such as Hank Williams, Bob Willis and Merle Travis, along with many traditional tunes) and a wild live act filled with music, comedy and extravagant outfits (hence their sobriquet), they conquered the country music scene with a career that last a couple of decades.

Their sound covered all of the C&W bases - boogie-woogie, ballads, swing, and good ole honky-tonk. From "George's PLayhouse Boogie" to "Move It On Over" to "Milk Cow Blues" to "Honky Tonkin'" to "When I Lay My Burden Down" to "I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again" and tons more, this 27 song compilation gives a overall picture of the styles and sounds that the group created.

Really fun country music with great singing, excellent playing and a great sense of humor!