Thursday, August 04, 2016

Black Furies - Death Trip Saturday Night

I'm not sure how I came upon this 2005 release of this profoundly catchy punk'n'roll outfit but I am very surprised that I haven't ranted'n'raved about them before. It's very possible that they appeared at some Gearhead (their label) gathering and I'm sure these songs would have made me want to buy the CD!

Consisting of Mark Adams on drums, Michael Scanland on bass, lead singer/guitarist Cliff Truesdell and guitarist Clint Blatchford, this combo blasts out super tight, highly indelible, sing-along punk rock that will stick with you no matter what! Call'n'answer choruses, stingin' leads, properly placed "heys!" and an immense amount of raw powe'n'swingin' beats that don't replace catchiness with speed, as all too many punkers do. All of the songs are infectious, but tunes like "Murder City Shakedown" and "Saturday Night Death Trip" are about as good as ya get!

I'm hearing rumblings of a resurgence of this type of high-energy punk'n'roll and I hope that's true because I miss this kind of spirit'n'spunk combined with tight, talented musicians. Damn good stuff!