Saturday, August 06, 2016

The All Togethers Video Shoot at Saddles'n'Spurs Saturday August 6, 2016

We actually got up and out of the house early enough to participate in the filming/recording of a new song for the All Togethers. With the help of the staff and house band (The Bobby Kingston Band) at Saddles'n'Spurs and friends from bands like Howlin' King Crawdad, Ossum Possum, the Swamp Gospel (us!) and lots more, Ken, Cindy, Brenna, Mike and Brandon recorded and videotaped a new, original song, "Brick Layer". Free Lagunitas beer was on hand, as well, to help lubricate the proceedings!

This hillbilly jazz tune was accompanied by the usual guitars (Mike'n'Brandon) and mandolin (Ken), as well as Brenna on stand-up saw (!), Cindy keeping the beat by pounding on her stand-up bass, and innumerable other instruments, such as stand-up bass, banjos, accordion, fiddle, sax, chains and anvil! So the tune incorporated chain gang/spirituals, Americana, folk and the All Togethers' particular brand of melodic bluegrass. A good time was had by all, new friendships were made and hopefully the AT's got a great, new cut for their next recording!

I really thought that I got a lot more and a lot better photos, but I guess I was too busy learning and playing the song!