Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Lazy Cowgirls - Ragged Soul

I've ranted'n'raved about the Lazy Cowgirls a number of times before but somehow haven't gotten to this one, which is one of my faves from the band. On this record the line up is Pat Todd (of course) on vocals and percussion, D.D. Weekday on guitar, Ed Huerta on drums and vocals, Michael Leigh on guitar and vocals and Leonard Keringer on bass and vocals - kind of a mix of the old and new guards of the Cowgirls. I've always loved DD's piercing lead attack - and the original band was wonderfully anarchistic - though with the rest of these cats, while still wild'n'passionate rock'n'roll, there is a bit more solidity here.

And the songs are damn freakin' great, as well! Right out of the gate we get "I Can't Be Satisfied", a wild ride with call'n'answer vocals, a drivin' beat and a cool break down. "Much Too Slow" has a hard-hittin' surf beat, great "heys" and asked the musical questions "where's the girl in the red fishnet hose?" while "Frustration, Tragedy and Lies" somehow makes that mouthful of a title catchy! There shining moment, though, is their take down of 80's sexism (rampant in the hair metal scene, of course) in "Who You Callin' a Slut". Another Huerta pseudo-surf beat introducing this one and it is another call'n'answer that is impossibly hook-laden and memorable. The only problem is that is finished far too quickly!

Michael Leigh's "Everything You Heard About Me Is True" is up next, with Michael singing and giving a fantastically heavy slide solo - wish he was still performing as he was a fine writer, as well! "Never Got the Chance" ("to lie to you") is highly melodic'n'rockin' with superb harmony backing vocals which continues in "Too Much - One More Time". They pick up the pace a bit more in "Time and Money" (I particularly dig the "get away, get away, get away" bridge) and "Another Long Goodbye" and then create one of their most melodic numbers in "Now That You're Down on Me", without losing any of the power'n'energy - another terrific performance!

They cut it back just a smidge for "I Can Almost Remember" with more cool harmonies, a Cowgirls standard in "Still on the Losin' Side", some cool harmonica highlighting the rockin' "Take It As It Comes" and then they throw the whole kitchen sink in the finale, "Brought Your Lies" - fast paced drummin', memorable singin', cool harmonies, and nice dynamics - great ending!

These cats were always one of the best bands in LA (and Pat's Rank Outsiders continues that tradition) and they always managed a good balance between the onstage wildness and capturing the song itself in the studio. I'd have to say that this is one of their best! And you can see me on the live photo on the inside of the insert!