Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Vulcher #1 (fanzine)

(Full disclosure - I helped to fund this zine, I am on the staff, and I am the front cover model!)

Vulcher fanzine - as I understand it - initially came about as an idea by the youngest and most female member of the Gizmos, drummer Kelsey Simpson, and grew as fellow Gizmo Eddie Flowers (a fanzine guy sine the early 70's) got involved. Now, all of the current Gizmos appear in the zine (Krazee Kenne Highland's 70's fanzine work is how we met, thus creating the Gizmos), along with friends'n'fellow rockers like Craig and Claude Bell, Jack Brewer, Byron Coley, Max Demata, Eric Friedl, Gary Pig Gold, Lindsay Hutton, David Laing, Bob Richert, Chris Stigliano, Mike Rippy and many, many more!

This certainly embraces the original fanzine ethic, though with some good production values - early zines were usually run off at whatever Xerox machine one could find. There are cartoons, stream of conciousness rantin'n'ravin', reviews, stories of meeting various musical legends-in-their-own-minds, tales of obscure groups throughout the ages, and other excessive wackiness'n'weirdness. There's even some of Kenne's cartoons lifted from his original zines, including the story of the Gizmos' "Human Garbage Disposal"!

It pays to have talented friends and this is a heapin' helpin' of literary talent here! Truly entertaining'n'informative reading throughout. Keep physical media alive and support new writings! Contact info at the Vulcher Facebook page. Dig it!