Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Psyatics and the Super Zeroes at the Double Down, Sept 9, 2016

Crazy r'n'r weekend at the Double Down! It's tough getting out on Fridays, but made the effort for this one to start out the wild weekend!

The Super Zeroes are Vegas' own super hero themed punk rock band, led by part-time Spider Man Ryan on guitar/vocals, ex-Electric Ferrets Kevin on lead guitar/backing vocals, his wife Joji on percussion and backing vocals along with Earl on bass and new guy Joe on the drums. They do simple'n'melodic 70's styled punk rock (one song even reminded me of "Alternative Ulster") with lyrics referencing Spider Man, the Incredible Hulk, bad neighbors and lots more!

I've ranted'n'raved many-a-times about the Psyatics since the Swamp Gospel played with them for their debut show a few years ago. They are now on their third album (Famous Monsters - more on that later) and now have new man Mark Bartschi (Swank Bastards, Pussyrammers, etc.) rockin' the drums and fittin' in great! Git-man Jack had a new amp, Rob played a different bass (white, to match Jack's guitar), and they all sounded super strong - playing better than ever - while putting on an animated show. The set included tunes from all three records (Mark had a lot to catch up on!) as well as their Psyatic-take on the Velvet's "I Can't Stand It Any More". The lovely Ivana Blaize swirled and swayed for them, as well, as she is wont to do! (Unfortunately, my camera was having issues this evening so the photos don't do justice to the show).