Thursday, November 23, 2017

Basstravaganza featuring the Swank Bastards at the Double Down Saloon, Wednesday Nov 22, 2017

A terrific Las Vegas holiday tradition, Basstravaganza takes place every year on the night before Thanksgiving. Starting out of necessity (a bass player couldn't make it one year), this has grown to include a bass player for every year of the Double Down's anniversary - 25 this year! Bastard guitarist Jesse Del Quadro gathers up bass players (and wanna-be bass players) from all over Vegas to learn a few surf instro songs and then the night culminates in a free-for-all version of Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom", with everyone playing at once! Chaotic and tons of fun! Always a good time and a way to show the solidarity of the Vegas punk and rock'n'roll scene. Be sure to make it to the Double Down this weekend for lots more celebratory shows!