Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Chronological Roy Brown 1950-1951

Best known for writing "Good Rockin' Tonight" (a hit for him, Wynonie Harris and, natch, Elvis), Brown was one of the originators of jump-blues, the exciting, pre-rock'n'roll, upbeat blues sound that influenced everyone to come. His fiery R'n'B delivery comes from his early gospel days, but the sounds sizzle with sinful soulfullness. Excellent bands behind him on these numbers, with superb blues guitar and exciting horn-blarin' sections.

Of course, I have long known about Brown and his legacy and had previously found a 10 song compilation of some of his biggest hits, but wanted more. This 22 song CD collects a couple of early years' worth of jumpin'n'jivin' tunes that will keep you boppin' and a-rockin'! Fine stuff.