Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Wynonie Harris Collection 1944-47

Another of the great, early R'n'B, jump-blues shouters, Wynonie had a number of fantastic, pre-rock'n'roll hits ("Who Threw The Whiskey in the Well" was his first), although he is probably best known for bring Roy Brown's "Good Rockin' Tonight" to the top of the charts and therefore influencing the mighty Elvis. This 2-CD set gathers all of his early recordings for several labels and his work with greats like Lucky Millinder, Johnny Otis, Charles Mingus (!), Bill Doggett, Big Joe Turner and plenty more.

He jumps'n'jives, belts'n'croons and delivers a plethora of energy-packed bop'n'roll throughout this collection. Of course, it's not all one-dimensional and there is variety within the confines of bluesy/jazzy guitar work, bouncin' horns and well-delivered vocals. But he is at home with fast or slow, and still gives the songs his all and impacts a finesse of animated liveliness no matter what the tempo.

More great jump blues with an astounding 44 songs in this selection alone! What a career!