Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reeves Brothers - King of Country Music

Pahrump's Reeves Brothers (Matt and Cole, along with unrelated bassist Kelly) are experts in traditional country music, having grown up in a family of players and being immersed in the music and culture for their entire lives. Their dedication to real C&W shows in their own music and lives gigs and this, their 2nd CD, is another fine example of modern cats taking up the mantle of the originals.

The CD sleeve does not hold much information, not even a listing of personnel - just the song titles and some thanks, so not much to go on other than just diggin' the music!

This time out they start with their proclamation of fealty to all things country in "Waltzes and Western Swing", complete with fiddles'n'pedal guitar and some fine git-pickin' from the brothers and some musical nods to their heroes. Of course, any self-respectin' country act has to sing about drinkin' and "Damn You Whiskey" has them honky-tonkin', singin' sad songs and sippin' the devil's brew - all while playin' some excellent guitar licks and singin' with just the right whiskey growl. Dig that fancy ending, too! Ya gotta have a road ballad or two, as well, which they do in "Mama You Raised a Ramblin' Man" and "Honky-Tonks and Cheap Motels". There's a live track from their Pahrump home base, The Hubb, that has them playing acoustically and bringing some excellent harmonies to the tune. There's another fine drinkin' number with top notch 6-string slingin'n'singin' in "C.C. Waterback" (with some help from Tony Martinez), a mandatory gamblin' tune (with superior steel guitar and Tele licks interminglin'), more road weary, travel tales in "Sober Up and Face the Night" and the title track "King of Country Music" (nice acoustic guitar pickin', steel guitar and fiddlin' here and a bit of the melody of "God Didn't Make Honky Tonk Angels" in the fade out) and it all winds up with peppy banjo pickin' in "Unclouded Day".

These brothers are the real thing and are right up there with the original country greats - see them whenever you can (they are a barrel of fun live) and pick up their CDs for some true C&W!