Saturday, January 27, 2018

Serious Sam Barrett - Sometimes You've Got to Lose

I really enjoyed Sam Barrett's acoustic set at the Double Down the other night and picked up this CD at the gig. With a lightning fast picking style (as I said in the live review, it is similar to fast banjo rolls) and a mix of old-world country/folk tunes, some Dylan, some blues, and a lot of his own personality, Barrett writes engaging tunes and gives a heck of a performance.

This CD is basically Sam by himself (maybe some help here'n'there but mostly on his own) on his 12-string guitar as well as banjo (which he did not bring for his live shows), and his strong, melodic singing voice. There's a good variety in the tracks, especially considering the genre and instrumental limitations, and lots of feeling here. Like I say, some parts remind me of Dylan, some of acts like Steeleye Span, maybe even some Louvin Brothers, and it all works together for a fine album.

If you appreciate old school/old world acoustic folk with some terrific guitar playing, check out Sam - definitely worth your while!