Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Freaks of Nature - 7" EP

I've been meaning to write about this wild'n'wolly garage single since Thee Fourgiven played with these crazed cats way back in September but life keeps interfering. They blew me away with their live show and this single (with a slightly different line-up) is damn near as ferocious!

They did a great job with this 45 - the sound production is perfect for 60 garage'n'roll, with guitars galore, a frantic rhythm section and appropriately snotty'n'great vocals. Fuzz guitar dominates "Key To Your Heart"and they do a frenzied version of Thee Gentlemen's "Cryin' Shame" while still retaining it's garage swing and hip backin' vocals. They don't let up the pace even with slightly off-kilter rhythms on their own chord-driven "That's Alright" and the Grifs' "Keep Dreamin'" is another fuzz-filled piece of garage madness.

I love the fact that there are still great garage bands popping up around the world and these cats are right up there with the best! Grab this one while you can and a new 45 is due out at any time!