Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Ugly Things #46 Winter 2017

Any self-respecting fan of r'n'r knows that Ugly Things remains, after several decades(!),  the premier print zine for all things cool'n'groovy. In this ish you get articles on 60's legends The Equals, the Balloon Farm, Goldebriars, and more, while Greg Prevost interviews Captain Beefheart, and we learn more about later loons like Simon Stokes and Geof Crozier. Of course, there's news from the Pretty Things and Downliner Sect, along with an immense amount of reviews of books, zines and records galore! Every UT gives you numerous recommendations to fill up every wish list you have of sights'n'sounds that you desperately need.

As always, high quality from Mike and Anja Stax and their incomparable group of cohorts! Dig it!